Sunday, June 22, 2008

DIY right-angle headers

I often find the need to stick headers on my microcontroller projects, and I've come to prefer right-angle headers, as opposed to the traditional straight header, due to their unobtrusive, low-profile.  Since right-angle headers are usually in low-supply, here's a couple of ways to make or acquire them from parts you probably have lying around.  (The peripheral in the pictures is the LIS3LV02DQ 3-axis accelerometer)

We start with two pieces of straight header

We want the result to look something like this

Place the two straight headers at a right-angle, and tack solder each set of pins

Now, slide off the connecting plastic from one side.  The pins may twist from side-to-side, don't worry.

The result should look something like this

Complete soldering pins to PCB.  (I use a piece of scrap perf-board to make sure the pins point straight up)

The completed result.

Another angle.


Salvage headers from an old sound-card (Thanks, Purdue Surplus!)

Carefully, pull off the plastic connector

Apply a bit of flux to the pin pad

"Push" the pins through with a soldering iron

Flip the board over, and continue extracting the pins

Go make something!


Anonymous said...

I LIKE this DIY idea! I've never thought of it!!
Thanks for the nice photos and the technique!!

Dev Iker said... link no longer works.
good post :)

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